Wrongful Death vs. Personal Injury.

  • May 19th 2016
  • Scott Patterson
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When the unthinkable happens and a car accident is fatal, the world may feel like it’s turned upside down. For the family of a victim in a car accident, everything that follows the accident feels sudden. Oftentimes, when the dust settles, the family is left with bills on top of the loss of their loved one. When an accident causes a person to be injured, it is fairly easy to think about what comes next. Typically, the injured person, or their family, hire a personal injury law firm to ensure that their medical bills will be covered. But, what happens when the victim in an accident doesn’t recover from their injuries? When the unthinkable happens, it’s time to contact an Atlanta area wrongful death attorney.

What is personal injury?
In the Atlanta area, we hear a lot about personal injury claims. With so many cars on the road, and with drivers occasionally making mistakes, accidents happen. When an accident happens and that accident causes a person to be physically injured, that is considered personal injury. There can be damages to a person’s property or to their reputation, but personal injury refers to a person’s body. A personal injury lawsuit is brought to court by the injured person to seek damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

What is wrongful death?
Wrongful death is quite possibly the worst kind of case to have to bring to court. A wrongful death case is brought to court by the immediate family members of the deceased, typically a spouse. In a wrongful death lawsuit, many things can play a role in deciding how much is awarded to the family member. Things like age or life expectancy, earning potential, character, and circumstances surrounding the death all play a role in determining how much will be awarded (if anything) in damages.

Just like with personal injury cases, it is necessary to find fault in the other party involved. Whether they are found negligent or they are found to have intent to do harm, a party can be hit with a wrongful death lawsuit. When a person dies in an accident or because of injuries caused by that accident, their medical bills don’t go away. Those bills are often passed down to their family or those maintaining their estate. There is also a chance that that person has left behind loved ones who relied on their income. Money from a lawsuit will never be able to replace a loved one lost too soon, but money can ease the pressures and weight of large emergency bills and funeral costs.

If you have lost a loved one and need help understanding your options, call the Patterson Cozzo Law Firm at 770-422-8840.

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