From personal injury to mediation, we can help with a wide variety of legal matters at The Patterson Cozzo Law Firm. Our practice areas include:

Personal Injury

We can help with personal injury cases of all kinds including personal injury caused by car, truck, and motorcycle accidents, drunk drivers, slip and falls, and defective products.

DUI Defense

If you’ve been ticketed for a DUI or DWI, we can help you find your best options for fighting your charges or getting them lowered.

Traffic Tickets

Whether your ticket is for driving without insurance, with a suspended license, reckless driving or speeding, we can help you understand your options for fighting a traffic ticket in Atlanta.


We may be able to use mediation to keep your case out of court and in your control.

Real Estate

We can handle your closing and provide legal advice during the process of buying a new home in Atlanta and the surrounding areas.


We help navigate the world of entertainment contracts and intellectual property laws.


The Patterson Cozzo Law Firm can give you the personalized attention it takes to win your case.

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