Being charged with a DUI can have serious consequences, which is why it is important to have a great Georgia DUI lawyer. Atlanta is a busy city, and losing your license can make it difficult to get to work and to handle simple, everyday tasks. At The Patterson Cozzo Law Firm, we understand that you need to act quickly after being charged with a DUI in order to save your license and file the necessary paperwork. We understand the intricacies of Atlanta DUI laws and will fight to make sure your rights are being upheld.

Being charged with a DUI can result in:Georgia DUI Defense Attorney


License Revocation

Jail Time

DMV Fees

DUI Tickets

Probation Costs

Higher Insurance Rates

With a knowledgeable DUI lawyer on your side, you options, including, challenging the validity of your DUI charges or having them reduced to a non-DUI offense. It is important to keep in mind that even though you have been arrested and charged with a crime, you still have rights.  Being charged with a crime does not always mean you are guilty or that the state can prove that you are guilty.

The Atlanta DUI lawyers at The Patterson Cozzo Law Firm will work hard on your case to present the strongest defense possible with the goal of getting your DUI charges dropped or reduced. We will work to discover any evidence that might make your defense stronger.

The DUI process needs to be handled quickly yet carefully if you want a good outcome.  To ensure you have the best outcome, you need to hire an experienced Georgia DUI lawyer.  Contact The Patterson Cozzo Law Firm at 770-422-8840 to discuss your DUI case.